Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LOLA tango applier outfits

Our first outfits with LOLA tango appliers are arrived.
Wearable with or without the tango breats is this 4 outfits.
soon be followed with more of them.

Chaos open shirts for lola's tango breasts.
comes in black & white and with appliers
also wearable without breasts
collar and sleeves inc.

Chaos sheer tops for lola's tango breatst
black and white, with applier

Chaos bikini's for lola's tango breasts
2 colors and applier for both.

Chaos tiany outfit for lola tango breasts,
bikini with applier, also wearable without breasts.
jeans with cuffs

Chaos chirstmas lingerie for lola tango breasts, also wearable without those breasts.
All layers and applier inc.

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