Wednesday, December 19, 2012


adorable and sexy jumpsuit with option to wear with lolas tango applier
the jumpsuit comes in 2 colors, each color with a tango applier.
. wearable without breasts.
- mesh little jacket one size
- necklace with resizer
 see it on the marketplace or visit our shop inworld

lingerie set with texture hud

Nice lingerie chemise mesh in multiple sizes
comes in 4 colors, changed by texture hud!
 see it on the marketplace or visit our shop inworld

Monday, December 17, 2012

little dress with lolas applier

sexy little dresses
these dresses comes with a lolas tango applier , and with 2 versions, naughty and nice
Can be worn without the appliers but then it's a nice version.
3 colors, white, black and red
 see it on the marketplace

wet Tshirt with lolas applier

sexy wet looking T shirts
These shirts come with the lolas tango applier. also wearable without the breasts.
In 4 colors, black, pink, red & white
 see it on the marketplace

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chaos kiki black - with lolas tango applier

Dress in black , with bra or without apllier
lingerie set , with lolas tango apllier
also wearable without prim breasts.
 see it on the marketplace

Chaos honey - with lolas tango applier

Top in black and white with lolas tango applier
Jeans short
Also wearable without breasts prims
 see it on the marketplace

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LOLA tango applier outfits

Our first outfits with LOLA tango appliers are arrived.
Wearable with or without the tango breats is this 4 outfits.
soon be followed with more of them.

Chaos open shirts for lola's tango breasts.
comes in black & white and with appliers
also wearable without breasts
collar and sleeves inc.

Chaos sheer tops for lola's tango breatst
black and white, with applier

Chaos bikini's for lola's tango breasts
2 colors and applier for both.

Chaos tiany outfit for lola tango breasts,
bikini with applier, also wearable without breasts.
jeans with cuffs

Chaos chirstmas lingerie for lola tango breasts, also wearable without those breasts.
All layers and applier inc.

Male - winter & Christmas outfits

Today we bring you something for our guys.
The first we want to show you is Casual winter.
Casual and warm outfit that will bring you trough the cold winter days.
complete with :
* mesh jacket in multiple sizes
* mesh jeans in multiple sizes
* sweater with collar and sleeves (mod)
* sneakers with resizer
visit on the marketplace

The second male outfit is this nice and warm cosy Christmas outfit.
complete with :
* mesh jacket in multiple sizes
* mesh jeans in multiple sizes
* sweater with collar and sleeves (mod)
* sneakers with resizer
 see it on the marketplace

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


HO HO HO .....
our newest Christmas outfit is adorable.
comes with * mesh dress-sweater in multiple sizes
                  * antler with and without nose & lights (mod)
                  * uggs with lights (mod)
                  * pantyhose red

see it on the marketplace or visit us inworld

Britney - pink & teal

Today i wanne show you Britney, she comes in 2 colors,
Britney teal comes with 2 Mesh jeans - tank top - lingerie set and tattoo on the chest "broken memories"
you can get the teal on the marketplace or inworld

 Britney pink is a slight different then the teal version, this one comes with 1 Mesh jeans - 2 tanktops - lingerie set and also a tattoo on the chest " live for the moment"
you can get the pink on the marketplace or inworld

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas lingerie set Christmas superdeal

With this lingerie set santa will not pas your house

pack includes the lingerie set and a additional tattoo on the chest
see it on the marketplace for a Christmas superdeal just 75L

Christmas tattoos

6 wonderfull Christmas tattoos to complete your hollidays look

Let it snow

 This Christmas i give you my heart

                                           and this is my favourite
                                 All i want for Christmas is YOU

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Panda girl

this one is so adorable
light knitted dress with cute panda print
comes in various sizes with a jeans and ugg boots
see it on the marketplace


collorfull litle winterdress in happy collors
☆ mesh sweater in multiple sizes
☆ jeans with cuffs
☆ cute boots
☆ stockings

see it on the marketplace

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


aint it cute?
so much you get in this pack for endless mix and matches.
adorable pink outfit including :
☆ mesh mini skirt in multiple sizes
☆ stockings
☆ boots with resizer
☆ shirt with collar and sleeves
☆ cute bikini
 see it on the marketplace


Elodie comes in 2 collors blue and pink.
No mather wich collor you choose you will look amazing, the jacket with a wink to the hobo style combined in each collor with its matching top and boots makes this a must have for every girl.
The only problem here is wich collor to choose.

blue version on the marketplace

pink version on the marketplace


This every day casual outfit Lenka comes with dark grey jeans and top with matching bra, no Mesh viewer required for this outfit.

see it on the marketplace or come over inworld


Jade is a lovely pink wool dress with matching boots, wear it together with the jeans or just as the dress on its own, you will look stunning in bouth ways. The star in your mouth is a nice detail for this time of the year.
☆ mesh dress in multiple sizes
☆ jeans with cuffs
☆ uggs
☆ pantyhose
☆ star in mouth

see it on the marketplace or visit us inworld