Welcome to the F.A.Q. and HELP page for Chaos customers,

Here you will find all your answers for REDELIVERY - FAILED TRANSACTIONS - SHOP INVITES - CUSTOMS and more.


purchases made INWORLD and on the MARKETPLACE can get a redelivery on our redelivery terminal, you will find the redelivery terminal at the entrance of Chaos ( PC with yellow letters above it) . click here for teleport.
no more needing to send a notecard and go trough your acount looking for sales IDs or waiting for Chaos to come online.... click it and take it, its easyer as putting a diaper on a baby.


you accidently made a double purchase on a product?
The sim lagged or you double clicked on the MP and you double purchased a item. no problem just send a NC to Chaoslove resident inworld with following info:
- sales ID from bouth purchases (visit to check your transaction info)
- ONLY sales made within same moment will be considerred given a refund.
- send NC within 24 hours after double purchase or i can not verrify your sales and will not be able to refund after 24 hours.
- refunds for double purchased MARKETPLACE sales will have a 5% fee for the marketplace fee we need to pay.


All  items are no transfer. No transfer means all sales are final. So no refunds, no exchanges, no exceptions.
1 exception mentioned above for double purchases.


As a member of our group Chaos fashion and more your registered to receive discounts.  Almost all complete outfits are -20% for groupmembers.  and new release -50% for few days, then again -20%.
No VIP group , No fee to pay, i just want that all my members are happy and receive gifts and get discounts! So why wait? join today and go find the discounts in store.


 No custom orders
Sorry I just have no time for it, and I like to keep my designs available to everyone.
I do am open for suggestions that i might consider making in a future outfit.

permissions will never be changed in any way.
to buy as gifts use the gift options on each vendor or use the marketplace please.


you are a mall owner and would like to invite us for your mall? this do is possible and well apriciated but for the overflow on invites we do have some points to follow before invite.
1. shop must be vissible from landing spot
2. only floor level shops
3. no more then 3 L$ a prim
4. for first time rent i pay 2 weeks and you add minimum 2 extra weeks to give us the opportunity to see if the mall really works.

you can not come up with all points stated above but you do would like Chaos fashion in your mall? no problem at all.
we have a affiliate programme available earning you 50% on each sale you make. modify and copy vendors to fit your mall/shop needs. visit affiliate page for more info on details and whats in the pack.

other questions or problems not stated above?
please send a NC to Chaoslove resident inworld and gain as much info as possible for faster and bether support.

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